Farmer Friday

Spring has arrived, and I’m really starting to get around much better, my ankle is a bit sore, range of motion isn’t perfect.  Each day I’ve been working through exercises my buddy Mike from Move U Offical put together for me.  The exercises are pretty hard, I’m already feeling a huge difference.

Much of this week has been spent planning and scheming for the coming season.  We have a ton of huge plans, I’m very anxious for the weather to break so that we can get the grazing season underway.  In the mean time I’ll keep scheming.


It doesn’t quite feel or look like spring right now, very soon it shall.  Last night we arrived home just before 8 pm, and there was still just a little day light left.  It won’t be long and the snow will give way to nice green grass.


I’ve been working on our grazing plan.  April 1st our cattle will start their rotation.  Our first rotation will cover either 45 or 75 acres.  We will rotate though all of it in 9 days.  Moving the cattle very quickly will allow them the energy of fresh grass, while impacting the pastures very minimally.  We don’t want to turn the pastures to mud, or even let the cattle take a bite of each plant.  A bite here a bite there, and supplemented with decent second cutting hay, to help the cattle balance their diet.


Our pigs are in smaller paddocks this spring, where they will remain until at least April 15th.  This farrowing season we choose to put each sow in her own paddock so that we can get a handle on which are the best, and which aren’t going to make the cut at West Wind Acres.  This year we are going to cull the herd very hard, keeping back only the best of the best, mother-ability, growth, are a couple of the things we are looking for.  Essentially, we will only keep the genetics that work best for our farm, and our techniques.

From there our breeding hogs will be broken down into two main herds, and subdivided into smaller farrowing groups of 4-6 sows each.  From there we will be working very hard on our genetics, so that we can offer our customers the best pork in the business.


We made the tough choice of selling off our flock of sheep this winter.  Our flock had grown considerably, and our genetics were very close to where we want them.  Our flock averaged 2 lambs per ewe last spring, giving us a 200% lamb crop which is excellent.  The choice was made to sell them off for the year.  At weaning time we plan to purchase lambs from another farm that we will raise until fall harvest.  In Spring of 2018 we will build an even stronger flock of purebred Katahdin Sheep

Farm Store:

Pastured Pork:  we have a great supply of pasture raised pork this weekend, including breakfast and italian sausage, fresh bacon (not smoked), hams, boston butts, shoulder roasts, lots of chops, and spare ribs.

Grass-fed beef:  our beef supply is also pretty good going into this weekend, we have a few t-bones, ribeyes, sirloins, london broils, a couple beautiful rib roasts, and hamburger patties. 

Stop in 9-1 Saturday and Sunday

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