After our first year with chickens, we thought it would be fun to raise a couple of porky pigs.  We planned to grow them throughout the spring and summer.  Harvesting them in the fall, one would be enjoyed as a pig roast and the other would go in our freezer to feed us for the year.

Little Porkers

We purchased our two piglets from a guy who had raised them for a little while.  In hindsight I wish we had visited his place, he delivered the pigs in a minivan.  I knew very little about the piglets, and was told that they were 8 weeks old.

We had a paddock built at a small property that my Uncle owned.  We raised them on grain, vegetables, along with some bread.

As fall came along the female started to appear to be putting weight on much faster than the male.  Eventually I slaughtered the male and took his carcass to a friends to butcher.

First Sausage

The pork that we got back was amazing, tender, juicy, and the flavor was awesome.

Bacon Bits

Not long after I realized the female was gaining weight so well because she was pregnant.  I never thought a 4 month young beautiful pig could get pregnant.  Just before she turned eight months old she farrowed seven healthy piglets.  We were officially pig farmers!