Farmer Friday

Just like that we went from sunny and warm, with grass growing, to buried under 24″ of snow.  It won’t last long, but my plans for the farm this week completely changed.

I’ve spent the last 6 or so weeks with a cast on my right leg.   I broke my ankle at the end of January.  My cast came off on Monday, and I’ve been learning how to walk again.

A couple of great young men have been caring for the animals.  I was really looking forward to getting my boots on the ground again.  We have a couple of pastures that had 4-8″ of new growth.  I was hoping to start flash grazing on 3/15/17.

Flash grazing is when we run cattle through paddocks using very low herd density, and short time.  I was planning around 10,000 pounds per acre day.  In other words our our herd of about 50 catte grazing a 2.5 acre paddock for 12 hours.  This gets the cattle some high energy grass to go along with their hay (stored grass).  Energy helps with growth rates, and flavor.  Once we start flash grazing we will hit our whole farm in 9 days, followed by 12 days, 15 days, and 30 days, at which point we will look at the grass inventory, slow down even further to 45 or 60 day rest periods.  Want to learn more?  Come to one of our open houses this year.


I know the snow storm had some name, but I think that’s a bit ridiculous.  Tuesday morning the boys and I ran over to the farm early in the morning to feed the animals, and tuck them in for the storm.  It had just started to snow, Romeo, Juliet, and Winter wanted nothing to do with going into the barn.  So I left the fence down while the boys and I ran into town for some breakfast, and a couple other things.  We came back around 9 am 3-4 inches of snow had fallen, and the horses were galloping around loving it.  This time they decided to go in when I called them.  We tucked them into their stalls and headed home.

Hunter decided that he was going to keep the walk shoveled all day, a tall task for a 7 year old.  He did really well keeping up until early afternoon when the snow started to fall at several inches per hour, and the wind started to blow.  I couldn’t yet walk good enough to efficiently shovel, so I let it go and figured I’d clean up in the morning with the tractor.

My awesome neighbor Jason has been plowing us out all year.  Tuesday he stopped by several times, later in the afternoon he snow blowed our sidewalk as well.  Its really great to have good neighbors.

Wednesday the bulk of my day was spent plowing out the farm, and caring for the animals.  They all did great, even 1 week old piglets, I was pretty worried about them, even though I know how good their mothers are.  All in all it was a big snowfall, it left the landscape beautiful and clean, much better than the mud season that we had over the last month.

Farm Store:

Pastured Pork:  we have a great supply of pasture raised pork this weekend, including breakfast and italian sausage, fresh bacon (not smoked), hams, boston butts, shoulder roasts, lots of chops, and spare ribs.

Grass-fed beef:  our beef supply is also pretty good going into this weekend, we have a few t-bones, ribeyes, sirloins, london broils, a couple beautiful rib roasts, and hamburger patties. 

Stop in 9-1 Saturday and Sunday

2884 West Glenville Rd

West Charlton, NY 12010