Farmer Friday

Over the last few months we have been struggling with the abattoir that we had been using.  This has led to shortage of meat in our farm store.  That struggle is finally over, now that the fall rush has come to the end, and we were able to make appointments with a new abattoir.  We have a great supply of 100% Grass-fed Beef this week, pork should be back in stock very soon.

100% Grass-fed Beef

Last month we brought in 3 beautiful Hereford steers, the carcasses aged for 19 days, and then were butchered and frozen last Friday.  Dry aging beef for 19 days tenderizes the beef, and really brings out the flavors.

Each beef carcass was butchered differently to provide a wide range of cuts including, Fillets, NY Strips, Sirloins, T-bone, Porterhouse, Ribeyes.  In our farm store this weekend you will find a good supply of roasts, eye round, bottom round, brisket, chuck.  Also we have hamburger patties, and a good supply of ground beef.

We literally have the best selection of 100% Grass-fed Beef we have ever.

Our farm store will be open for extended hours this weekend.

Saturday and Sunday 9-4

2884 West Glenville Rd

West Charlton, NY 12010