We believe in challenging the status quo!  We do this by rotational grazing our animals across our fields and wood lots.  We believe that nature and our animals know best and when given the opportunity they will thrive.  Without conventional inputs and vetting.  We believe that management intensive grazing is the answer!  Our animals just happen to provide our community with amazing meats, want to buy some?

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Farmer Friday:
What do you want to know about our farm? Ask away!

This week was particularly busy and rewarding!  Over the last week we some very talented and amazing people have stopped by.  Last week we had a photo shoot with Nicole Niro, a video shoot with Lily from Garden House Films, my amazing cousin Alicia stopped by for her quarterly photo shoot and farm tour.  A few more really amazing things are in the works, I can’t wait to share them with you!

Rotational grazing is in full swing, we started the week grazing a neighbor Stan and Chris’s lawn with our brood cows and sheep flock.  Paul another took notice and offered to let the animals graze his 5 acre field in lieu of haying as we have for the last several years.  Tuesday they moved across the street into Pauls field.  The herd is grazing approximately 26,896 square feet per day. The herd consists of 17 ewes, 16 lambs, 8 cows, and 4 calves, approximately 15,000 pounds of animal.

Our sheep are contained using 164 foot rolls of premier 1 electric netting, if we use 1 fence per side it equals 26,896 square feet (if the fence is installed perfectly straight and square.  One acre is 43,560 s.f. we are currently grazing about .617 acre per day, or just under 5/8 acre.  We are grazing at a density of approximately 22,500 pounds per acre.

After our first pass through the farm we will slowly increase our density until we reach 1,000,000 pounds per acre.  To reach this density this herd would be in an area approximately 650 s.f.  or 164′ x 4′.  The animals are then moved to a new paddock at a rate of time that accomplishes our goals for that particular area.  If the forages are of good quality and variety we may stay there for a short period to just take a bite from each plant.  Conversely if the area is full of weeds, we will leave the animals until the whole paddock is either eaten or trampled.  I could go on for hours on this subject.

Question of the week:

Yesterday we started fencing 35 acre of woods that the animals will rotate through, starting very soon.  Gregory T. Miller asked how I will subdivide the 35 acres.

My first goal is to fence the perimeter using 4 strands of hi-tensile wire that will be electrified.  Once that is complete we can move in the animals as a large herd.  The 35 acres will then be divided in half using 4-8 hi-tensile wires.  Each half will be home to a separate breeding herd consisting of 2 boars each along with the gilts/sows that I choose for them to breed.  With-in each half we will then fence pigs into 1-2 week paddocks.  There could be many paddocks containing pigs in each half, with the goal of a minimum of 3-4 months rest between grazing.  Our male market pigs will be in one half, and females in the other.

We will also be fabricating weaning and fence training areas, for our new additions.  These paddocks will be planted with forages that contain high energy and protein to give them an extra boost after being weaned.  The paddocks will start with solid fencing with electric on the inside, and progressively have less hard fencing until the point they are contained only by 2 strands of electric.

Individual paddock will be fenced using one of several different fencing materials or a combination of 2 or more.  Welded wire Hog panels, woven wire, wood fencing, hi-tensile wire, and aluminum wire.


Leasing more grazing pastures will help to meet our goals. Please inform me if you know of land that could use grazing.

Baby Count:

Lambs: 16

Calves: 4

Piglets: 50

Chicks:  200

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On My Nightstand:

Last week I finished up “Start With Why” By Simon Sinek this book explains how our brains have been hardwired, and how to most effectively communicate.  Starting with Why, they How, and finally What.  Very few businesses or people have mastered this.  Many of the greats have, including Martin Luther King Jr, and Apple.

With no more funds in my book budget for the month (I listen to books via Audible) I opted to tune into a podcast that I find very inspiring and right to the point The MFCEO Andy Frisella along with his cohosts Vaunghn Kohler, and Ben Newman  If you are easily offended especially by language or the hard core truth don’t tune it.  Andy has been through it all from sleeping on a piss stained mattress in the back of his first store, to getting stabbed while trying to protect a friend, he went from making $7 on his first day in business to selling over $100 million through his 6 businesses last year.  He tells it how it is, tells his story, and what he has learned in life and business.  He inspires me to work harder everyday.  I’m glad to have found this great podcast.  Each week they bring in awesome guests to talk about their challenges in business and how they overcome and succeed.  I will be a guest before the end of 2018.