Great new we have a new flock of hens on their way soon.  In mid April 200 new hens will arrive at West Wind Acres, they should start laying within a few weeks.  We are expecting around 100 dozen eggs per week.

We’ve decided to offer a limited number of Egg Shares this year.  You can pick up your eggs at the farm as often as you’d like at a local drop point once per month.

West Wind Acres began in 2007 as a little poultry hobby farm.  My cholesterol was high, and my cardiologist suggested statins for the rest of my life.  I wasn’t ready to resort to pharmaceuticals for the rest of my life.  After some research I found that eggs from pasture raised hens could naturally reduce my cholesterol.  Days later we placed our first chick order, and we haven’t looked back since.


Our hens spend their days foraging our pastures for grass, bugs, and other tasty morsels, they are supplemented with non-gmo grain.  At night they roost the Coop-de Ville.  Each morning they rotate to a new paddock roughly 3 days behind the cattle during grazing season.

Our mobile chicken coop, the Coop-de Ville

Better Nutrition

Eggs from pasture raised hens have a completely different nutritional profile than that of conventional eggs.  Mother Earth News tested the nutritional value, the results are pretty amazing.

Mother Earth News Egg Nutrition


Farm Store

Our eggs are available in our farm store for $5 per dozen.

Egg Share

Regular Share 40 dozen eggs throughout the year $200 per year

Half Share 20 dozen eggs throughout the year