Switching to grass-fed beef will save you 16,642 calories a year
October 29, 2015

“If you eat a typical amount of beef per year,” Robinson points out in Pasture Perfect, a book about the benefits…

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Grass-fed beef
January 7, 2015

Grass-fed Beef West Wind Acres believes in challenging the status quo in everything that we do.  We do this many ways…

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Farmer Friday
In Full Swing
May 18, 2018

In Full Swing Spring finally arrived after a long winter, less than 3 weeks ago 3-4 inches of snow fell.  Now…

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Walking Tucker
Farm Store is Moving
April 17, 2018

Farm Store Moves It’s time to move the farm store to our new farm, this will allow us to work on…

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Farmer Friday the last day of March 2017
Want to hear about our best month ever?
March 30, 2018

That’s right March has been our best month ever.  More people than ever before are enjoying our grass fed beef, pasture…

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Sandy Joshua Nate Laura Stefanie
Great News
March 25, 2018

Great News We have some great news, after several months of hard work and dedication between Sandy Gordon (previous owner), Local…

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Sign up for an egg share today
Pasture Raised Egg Share
March 20, 2018

Pasture Raised eggs from free roaming hens not only taste amazing, but also offer great health benefits. • 1/3 less cholesterol…

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Farmer Friday
Certifications, labels?? Nah we are transparent!!
March 16, 2018

Over the years we’ve read through many different certifications and labels.  Each of which has had many great points, and standards. …

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Great way to start the day
Calf Watch
March 11, 2018

Early morning and late night cow checks have been the norm for the last week or so, because we are on…

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Winter Graazing
Winter Grazing
February 18, 2018

Hay has become a very expensive habit for many farmer, that winter grazing can change.  Not only is purchasing hay costly,…

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Snowy Herd
Farm Relationships
February 11, 2018

Each weekend we open the doors to our farm store located at 2884 West Glenville Rd, West Charlton NY 12010.  Many…

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Awe inspiring
Settling our new farm
January 24, 2018

Settling In We are just about finished settling in at our new farm and home.  The last few months have been…

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