Don’t forget its Farmer Friday, this weeks featured question will receive a free pound of ground beef! Ask away!!!

The farm store will be closed on Easter Sunday!

Much was accomplished on the farm this week, pigs were moved around, the fields are being dragged to smooth them, and to stimulate new growth, animals are being carefully watched as the season of new life approaches.

Right now there are about 450-500 animals on the farm including the chickens, sheep, pigs, cattle, and horses.  Over the summer we could at times have over 1,200 animals to care for.  I am excited for all of the new life to be on the farm, piglets, lambs, chicks, goslings, calves, who knows what else this spring will bring?

Today we are fencing a 5 acre wood lot that the cattle, and breeding pigs will move into for the next week or two, this will give the pastures a little time to grow, without any pressure from the animals.  Feeding the cattle hay in the woods will stimulate under gowth, and the pigs will eat and turn over the leaf litter to let the sun and rain get to the soil to germinate the seeds left behind by the hay.

Farmer Friday Featured Question:

Connie C:  if there was no way that you could’ve been a farmer, what would you be doing right NOW?

Josh:  I became a farmer more by chance than actually deciding to be a farmer.  Prior to farming I owned a cabinet shop, we built custom cabinets, designed and installed custom kitchens, and installed trim.  Some of the projects that I took on were very small and other were enormous jobs in mansions.  I really loved that time in my life, but I was young made a few mistakes, and didn’t prepare the business for the downturn in the economy.  I went to work as a VP of another cabinet shop, I didn’t agree with the direction the owner was taking the company, and decided to leave almost immediately.  That summer West Wind Acres became a business, the rest is history.

I miss much of the cabinet shop, the creativity, customers, teaching employees and man y other aspect.  Someday will have a little shop so I can tinker around as a hobby.  Stef often tells me that I need a hobby, my response is usually something witty like she is my hobby, or the kids, or the farm.  Truth be told, I like to work, working is my hobby!


In late March we have a beef going to the abattoir a side is available, cost will be around $1,600-$1,800.  You can find more information on purchasing beef in bulk here.

Farm Store: 

The Farm Store will be open our normal hours this weekend, how do our hours work for you?   Would you like us to make any changes to them?

Saturday 10-2


Easter Special:  Saturday is your last chance for this amazing deal, we still have a few Easter Hams available

Purchase a smoked ham 4 pounds or larger and receive a FREE pasture raised chicken of equal size (value $25-35).  Hams range in size from 3-9 pounds.  We have smoked nitrate free, fresh, and smoked with nitrates.  Smoked hams are $8.50 per pound, Fresh $7.50 per pound.